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We offer services that help businesses in a comprehensive manner and enables them in staying agile. Explore to learn more about our services.

“UCI LLP goes an extra mile in understanding us. Their knowledge of crucial areas combined with services that offer uninterrupted quality solutions makes them, our trusted partner for HR Solutions.”

Jigar Shah, CEO – Helios Solutions

Human Resource Solutions

Our team of human resource experts helps you with every kind of manpower required, from campus hiring to team building and trainings that are tailored around the roles demanded.

Contractual Staffing

Get the workforce that works with you until the project lasts! Hire for select projects or a given tenure. Save on recurring costs such as insurance, paid holidays, payrolls and PF. Hire for selected projects ?

Permanent Staffing

Select from a large pool of shortlisted candidates sourced from our database and multiple job boards. We choose the ideal candidate through rigorous scrutiny and thought after screening process at UCI LLP.

Campus Placements

We help you conduct campus hiring across revered universities, training institues and organisations from all over India. So whether you’re expanding your business or extending a team, we are here to work with you hand-in-hand.

Your Partner in Talent Management

We have been offering staffing, Industry, Development Solutions in the US & India for over 20 years. We provide services to connect businesses with skilled professionals around the globe. Collaborate with us for the talent you need, talent that helps you get to the TOP

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